Dual and Single Piston Brake Kits - Installation instructions and Kit contents
These Kit works on v-8 drum brake spindles and we use late model mustang calipers, with 1968 factory rotor. Works with 14 inch magnum (no shims needed) or 14 inch steel style wheels with 3mm shim. Our kit uses all bendix componets, timken wheel bearings and seals,napa brake hoses. The only kit that works with 14 inch wheels. We also can upgrade to the 2 piston PBR caliper for 15 inch to 18 inch wheels.
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Strut Rods
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After six years of research and development, we've created the one part that can completely change the character of your Mustang. The Mustang Shop's strut rod was designed, engineered, and fabricated with you in mind. It all started with a new technology that was not available in the 60's and 70's. A one-piece clevis attached to a 3/4” kevlar injected heim-joint replaces those old squishy rubber bushings. The other end has a built-in steering stop with slotted mounting holes for a great fit and integrated technology. Our strut rods are made of heavy-duty 10/18 cold-rolled steel. State-of-the-art TIG welding and an attractive finish add to the craftsmanship and quality of this product that is made right here in the USA. So why should you have these installed on your car? Whenever your car gets an alignment there are three main settings that are adjusted; caster, camber, and toe. Caster is rarely adjusted since it is the only alignment setting that doesn't affect tire wear. But, it has a huge impact on the way your car drives down the road, takes corners, tracks back to center, and believe it or not, brakes as well.
A rule of thumb is: The more positive caster a car has, the better driving, more stable vehicle it is. Your Mustang left the factory with a caster setting of 0.0 degrees +/- 1.0 degree. A 2007 SVT GT500 Mustang has a caster setting of +7.0 degrees +/- 0.1 degrees of positive caster. With our strut rod, we have the ability to pull up to +6.0 degrees of caster out of your vehicle without any other modifications. The product is designed to last a lifetime, never needs to be greased or serviced and can be installed by a DIY'er in only a few hours. The strut rods also come with a install CD and are pre-set to a length that is most desirable for your vehicle


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Shim: A word that is often used when referring to lower control arms on your 1964-66 Mustang. We've decided you to take that four-letter “S” word out of your vocabulary with our new lower control arm. The first generation Mustangs didn't benefit from eccentric camber bolts like the later model Mustangs so when it comes to doing an alignment, that “S” word comes front and center. If you want to change the camber setting on your car, the only way to do this is by adding shims behind the upper control arm. And by the way, have you tried removing an original ball joint out of your original lower control arm? Successfully? The factory lower control arm was not made to last a lifetime which is why at some point a replacement is needed. Ours is made from solid steel with a COMPLETE boxed-in lower frame utilizing hand-welded tig technology topped off with fresh gloss-black paint. A new ball-joint and grease zerk comes installed on the arm and bolts up to your stock spindle. It can accept the factory strut rod or our adjustable strut rod. What sets ours apart from other heavy-duty lower control arms currently available is the 3/4” kevlar injected heim joint. This NEVER needs to be greased or serviced! There is no rubber bushing to bind, squeak, or wear out. This arm is currently being used on multiple nostalgia race cars we service here at the shop with great results. Track-proven and ready to bolt onto your classic cruiser.
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Aluminum Truss Kit $325

SN95 Suspension systems starting @ $3500